Blickfang Grossbildwerbung, Hameln

Blickfang Grossbildwerbung / Großbildprojektion, Hameln - Grossbildwerbung in Einkaufszentren und im Verbrauchermarkt

Projektionsanlage mit Leinwand und Beamer Werbung im Einkaufszentrum, Warenhaus Innovative Werbung am POS Werbung auf Plasma-TVs im Fitness-Studio Rückprojektion im Verbrauchermarkt - Bewegte Werbung am Point of Sale
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Technics - You deliver

You deliver us a completely ready advertising spot.

If you work together with an advertising agency, who is able to make an animated presentation, or if you are able to work graphically also with Powerpoint, you may deliver us your advertising spot completely ready.

What shall I take care of?

In order to be able to make use of your presentation in an optimal manner, please deliver your spot as finished presentation in size *.ppt or *.pps, by E-mail or on a data media.

In order to be sure, that the font prints used by you will be reproduced correctly, please send us all prints used in the advertising spot together with your presentation. You will find the prints as *.tiff file in register "Fonts" in the "Windows register" (normally C:\Windows\Fonts).

Also important is the observation of the width-to-height ratio (size of page) and the release.

  • In case of projects with beamer: page relation 4 to 3 (default of Powerpoint) release; 1024 x 768 pixel
  • In case of projects with Plasma monitors:
    page relation 16 to 9
    (width: 25,4 cm, height: 14,29 cm) release: 1024 x 576 pixel
  • In order to keep the size of file almost low, all pictures should be adapted to the release by a graphic program.

The page relation is being adjusted in Powerpoint. Go to menu
"file"-> "adjust page".

When delivering advertising spots please take care of the agreed spot length in contract.

Teach your advertising to run!

Blickfang Grossbildwerbung / Plasmamonitor, Hameln

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